Our Father’s: What is your story?

Some people seem to feel that the President was wrong in stating that we need our “fathers to be at home”.  Well, Mr. President, I agree and I think it’s time that we take a look at our community in the mirror and really have some deep reflection as to what we see.   I think we are all aware of the problems poverty, family structures, education, etc.  Some of these issues have systematic components that play a role, but there is also the decisions that we make and the way that we treat each other.   However, as men we need to do a better job – we need to reclaim our place in the family structure.  I mean, when I read status updates like these on facebook  “Happy Father’s Day to those deserving of such…”, “Fathers, it’s not what you say, but what you do”, etc. It really makes me pause and think about what’s happening in our community.  We’ve all heard the speeches declaring where we should be at this point in time. Perhaps, we’ve even taken individual steps to working towards that end, but it saddens me that we can’t seem to move quicker.


However, I think our community from time to time needs to be uplifted and draw attention to the people, stories, and experiences that encourage us to do better.  So, instead of asking the questions that most would expect to read from the initial tone of this post.  I’m going to switch things up by asking:

What are some of the best examples of fatherhood you’ve seen in your life?

What was your father’s (or closest father figures) best trait?


Now, perhaps one day I’ll come back with a more critical analysis of the role of fathers in our community, but sometimes it’s just nice to see the brighter side of things…. So, why not share your happy story.


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