Death of the “Alpha” Male

The other day I heard a woman speak about her desire to find an “Alpha Male”. In the context that she wanted a brawny muscular man that she knew would be able to protect her when faced with imminent danger. She went on to discuss that the age of the alpha man was coming to a close as technology replaced outdoor survival skills with algorithms and derivatives. As I started thinking about her statement I realized that it was true about the alpha man becoming a thing of the past, but that’s not because “they choose” too. The alpha male perhaps (loosely or closely) associated with the “Blue Collar” worker doesn’t necessarily have the same appeal as they did 20+ years ago. In the fight for earning power and marketability you don’t see the Alpha Male rising to the top of that heap, and as a result aren’t getting the attention and in some cases respect they deserve.

If we are witnessing the death of the alpha male it could be that the values of the women who once looked at them have changed? Do women still value the man that sweeps the hallways, packs the boxes, or serves the food as highly as they do the one that run the networks, account to the shareholders, or give the presentations. I guess I’m left wondering if the alpha male is dying not from lack of effort, but from loss of interest. Now, let’s not think that I’m inferring that men leading presentations, running networks, etc. aren’t capable of also being that brawny man that can chop a tree down in a single blow. However, I think it’s clear that most women will “risk” going for Mr. IT in hopes of him chopping down a tree if necessary rather than hope for Mr. Alpha to develop skills like Mr. IT.

When it comes to “Alpha Men” as described by the women as “a brawny muscular man that she knew would be able to protect her when faced with imminent danger” are we still looking for that as much as Mr. IT who can bring home the big salary and provide the fancier lifestyle?

Now, I’m well aware that these are some blanket statements, but they are meant to serve as discussion, because I’m well aware that there are “alpha men” living much better than some Mr. IT’s, because there are exceptions to every rule and outliers in every population. So, hopefully no one is offended.

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